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Wood Fence

Photo shows a strong wood fence constructed by fence contractor in Nashua

If you’ve read our service page on vinyl fence installation, you probably think all we do is install vinyl fencing!. In reality, we love all types of fencing materials because it's durable, pleasing, and long-lasting construction. Even though wood could be considered an old school fence material because it’s been around for thousands of years. It’s still just as valuable today as it was back then. With the right fence contractor in Nashua NH, a wood fence can be beautiful, strong, and durable. And on this service page, we intend to explain it’s still a great choice for a great fence.

Affordable Fencing

Wood is definitely one of the most affordable fence materials, probably because we have such a large supply of it. It’s also highly treatable, adaptable, and can be crafted to look beautiful in almost all situations. Using industry proven methods to avoid cracking, and splitting we can install it to hold firm and endure for many years. Aside from the flexibility of styling and designs possible with wood, that fact that it’s so affordable makes it a great choice.

Wood Looks Great

Maybe it’s the inherent respect we have for a material that has grown from a tiny seed in the ground into a great tree that has been treated and conditioned to be perfect for construction, but no matter what it is, wood has never gone out of style. You can stain it, treat it, paint it, or leave it bare and it always looks beautiful. Wood can be naturalistic and old school but also look smooth, polished, and modern. It’s just one of the best building materials out there. We are always delighted to build a beautiful wood fence, whether you need it for privacy, security, or design. You can choose a picket fence, vertical board fence, lattice fence, post and rail fence, or even louver fence! They’re all beautiful. You can choose to paint it for a beautiful contrast, stain it, or leave it in its natural tone.

Wood is Stronger than We Thought

Every time someone dismisses wood for being figured out, we discover something new about it. Just recently a study was released about how wood can be heated and compressed into a superwood that makes it more than 10 times stronger than ordinary wood. As strong as steel but six times lighter! It’s incredible. Now, your wood fence won’t be built out of superwood, but it doesn’t need to be either. Ordinary wood is already extremely strong and durable, and when built correctly by an experienced fence contractor, will last for many years. And it looks great while doing it!

Our Process

If you need a new wood fence, give us a call today! Our process is quite simple and straightforward. We’ll talk over the phone or you can email us and then we’ll arrange a free inspection, making sure we have all the information we need to put together a good plan for your fence. Once you approve the plan, we’ll come out and build you a great fence!

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