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I have over 35 years experience in installing fences, I began at the early age of 14 years young, with my Dad who was a premier fence contractor installing for Sears Home improvement.

I also became a premier fence contractor installing for Sears Home Improvement and other local fence companies for many years. I am now semi-retired and looking to installing a few jobs per week to stay active I have no overhead and my prices reflect that.

I am personally on each and every job and take pride in my work and I know that it is the customers fence but it is my reputation.

I will also start and complete your fencing project before I move on to my next fencing project. I am also fully insured for your protection.

I will also offer my contractor discount on the materials where other fence companies mark up the materials 20%

I am happy to install your fence for a labor charge

I would be more than happy to take the small jobs and repair jobs that the other fence companies do not want or charge too much for.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words just look at the pictures of my happy customers.

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Nashua, NH
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Nashua Fence Installation:

Every company has to have a set of rules it lives and breathes by. Without order and focus, no group of people would be able to deliver a top quality product with great customer service repeatedly. So here at Nashua Fence Installation, we break our focus into two areas. No matter what, we focus on those two things in each interaction with a customer and each job we complete.

The focus is on the type of product we produce. We understand we must always ensure that the fence is always high-quality. There are numerous ways to provide quality services, from regular training. We also use high-quality tools and carefully maintain. Not to mention the non-trivial importance of our focus on being happy on the job. Building and repairing fences can be tough work in rough weather. But the result is something beautiful, practical and we all take pride in accomplishing it. Consequently, our work is fast, professional, and top quality.

The second focus that we’ve made integral to our company’s culture is the concept of excellent customer service. With the advent of customer-centric businesses like Amazon. We believe everyone has higher levels of expectations. And we believe the companies that will thrive in the future are the ones that develop the right systems to meet those expectations. Competition makes us all better and gives you a better fence in the end as well.

Why choose Nashua Fence Installation ?

We exist in our community and we believe our customer experience should reflect our role in this community. Everyone on our team feels fortunate to make a living providing high quality and valuable work for our community. And we do our best to pass this feeling of gratitude along in each piece of work we do. If you’re convinced we’re the right company for your project, give us a call today. If not, and you need more proof, head over to our home page and check out our awesome testimonials.

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